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As a business professional I am sure you appreciate the importance of reaching the correct person with the correct information. Many business people spend a fortune on creative brochures or flyers and then turn the very heart of their mailings; the data, over to a mail shop that happens to have a computer in a spare office somewhere.

Accuracy and deliberation are always important, but in data processing ACCURACY IS MANDATORY! There are mailings going out from some places with clipped fields, inverted addresses and other obvious problems, wasting valuable printing and postage monies and failing to reach the intended prospects or customers.

Here at Able Data Corporation our main function is data processing. We specialize in data related to the marketing and mailing industries.

We have the capabilities and expertise you are seeking to maximize your responses and to insure absolute quality.


Please, before you hand your valuable data over to someone who JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE A COMPUTER, give us a call and let us assure you of absolute quality and security every time.

Able Data Corporation


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