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Emory Computer Consultants and it's founder, Bryan Emory, have been in business for over 18 years serving South Florida, America, and the world with quality computer consulting, programming, training, and integration services.

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If we feed you a fish you will get hungry again later. If we fix your boat, design, build, and integrate your fishing tackle, and teach you how to fish with it, you can feed yourselves, us, and the third world.
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Have you purchased latitude and longitude data from a competitor? GeoCount is a tool which will help you compare us to the competition! This will work on any comma-delimited file with Latitude and Longitude. Once we were told by a customer that 'Data is data.' They should have known that there is a vast difference in data quality, so we made this tool to let them see the difference. One competitor had a few sample records on their web site, so we chose one record to check and the coordinate was over 650 miles off! This was low-cost data and you truly would get what you pay for!

This file consists of a self-extracting archive file that will unzip into it's own folder. It does not require installation, nor does it update the Windows Registry. It can be deleted simply by deleting the \GeoCount folder and files.

Just select the competitor's file with latitude and longitude information and it will count the unique points, which normally will be a strong indication of which file is best. We have spent many hours verifying and re-verifying our coordinates so that there should not only be more points, but they normally should be true centerpoints, which generic government data doesn't always provide. Some points are in the ocean!

Finally, click on the button to view GreatData's statistics. If you would like to have us as your data provider, then call us about competitive upgrade pricing!

[Click here to download the latest GeoCount tool]

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