24 hour, local phone number connections!
Nationwide, US and Canada!

Unlimited, Cheaper, and Easier than others!

Save money! Don't be fooled by those pay as you go accounts. You know you'd like to surf the net for more than 5 hours a month! That's only 10 minutes a day! Your bill ends up being 30 to 60 dollars and that's only because you had to keep your sessions short to save money. With those accounts there's no such thing as "free" software. Try to download a large file and watch the time tick by.

With unlimited internet access, you can connect to the Internet any time of the day, all day! And, you get a free web page and email address too! At $19.95 You can't find a better deal than that!! And, if you live in South Florida you can get all this for only $14.95.

With over 800 local phone call cities to choose from there's probably one in your town! Download all you want! Don't be penalized for making use of technology, sign up today!

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