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U.S. Zip Codes:

All Zip Code data products are not created equal!

Even the U.S. Postal Service doesn't use the data they sell to our competitors -- they use our data! FedEx and other transportation companies rely on our Zip Code data. We have sold to most of the Fortune 100, yet our products are reasonably priced.

We were the first company on the Internet selling Zip Code data, and now there are many imitators. One company, after only selling the data for about two weeks, claimed to be the "Industry Leader".

We've been refining our data for years. We don't sell generic copies of U.S. Postal Service data because they are loaded with errors. Our data is clean data!

100% money back guarantee -- you can't go wrong!

Our premium U.S. zip codes include all zip codes and are updated about every 2 months in order to keep you current throughout the year. You purchase a one-year subscription which entitles you to receive free updates throughout the year (we’ll automatically notify you!). At the end of the year, you renew again at the then-current price.

Please Note: our products are not copies of U.S. Postal Service and old Census Bureau data files! We keep current with changes in zip codes, but have created and maintained our own data. Government data is notorious for being “close enough for government work” — which is normally not good enough for commercial work. What's the difference? Click Here!

We have thousands of clients, including over half of the Fortune 100! which rely on our data. Please see our Home Page for the differences between us and U.S. Postal Service Clones.

Base Product:

We have 2 base products: Pro-Zipcode and Pro-Zipcode Deluxe. The base products contain the zip code, city, state abbreviation and county. You must purchase one of the zip code base products and can also choose one or more add-on products. The actual file you get will have both the base product and all add-on product data in one record.

Pro-Zipcode is usually used in marketing and has one record per zip code with the primary city for that zip code. There are almost 43,000 records in this file.

Pro-Zipcode Deluxe is a unique product which we created -- there is no other product like it! It can have multiple cities per zip code (when zip codes cross city limits) and is primarily used in Order Entry applications where you key in a zip code to find the correct city and state. It is also used in marketing where the correct city name is needed as well. There are over 56,000 clean records in this file.

Add-On Products:

We have the following additional data elements that you can purchase along with either base product:

Accurate Area Codes: These are current area codes for the zip codes. Occasionally, there may be more than one area code for a zip code and we include just the primary area code. We update our data with the latest area codes each time we release a new version of the product!

Accurate Latitude/Longitude: This is used to calculate the distance between 2 zip codes in Dealer / Store Locator applications (such as in Bullseye). This data is crucial to a good locator, so we manually verify this data against multiple sources to ensure accuracy (we don’t rely on the Census/TIGER lat./long. info. which primarily consists of 1990 data). We have over 41,300 unique latitude / longitude points in our Pro-Zipcode file! (and even more in the Deluxe version). Compare that to the competition!

MSA Codes: These are Metropolitan Statistical Areas and are used by marketers to select all of the zip codes in a metropolitan area such as the greater Miami area, etc.

Accurate Time Zones: If you need to do telemarketing, this will help you so you don’t call a phone number at the wrong time. It also has a Daylight Savings Time flag.

FIPS Codes: These are standard numbers assigned to the state, county and city/town belonging to that zip code. It is used to match up our data with other data products (rather than trying to match by a city/county name that can be spelled various ways).

Go to our Download Page to try a demo of the data!